Copper Chinar Vine Engraved Tasht E Naari

Traditionally used to wash hands before meals, the Tasht e Naari comprises of a large flask shaped like a kettle in which water is stored and a basin which contains that water once the hand washing is done. The Tasht e Naari is ornated with beautiful engravings of Chinars and their entangled vines. This carving is carefully chiseled out by a master artisan. Bring home the tradition of using a Tasht e Naari and add an element of art to your decor and daily use. About The Craft: Locally known as Traam, Kashmiri Copperware is a symbol of royalty. Beautifully carved, the copperware sits high in the court of Kashmir Arts and Crafts, its mesmerizing coppery bronze hue casting a spell of grandeur in heritage inspired motifs. Shehr-e-Khaas has been the hub of copper ware since the 19th century, the old markets of Zaina Kadal still carrying this glorious art. Large beautiful copper samovars, cups, glasses, tasht naaris, traamis, jugs, bowls, trays, degh (round bottomed cooling pot) gracefully stand in the shops of downtown even today.

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